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Enterprise teams rely on the Women in Leadership Institute™ as an integral part of their overall strategies and initiatives to support, engage, develop, retain and attract women leaders of all levels. Join the ranks of these organizations and access the benefits of WIL.

Amplify the WIL Effect Across Your Company as a Corporate Delegation

  • Harness actionable learning, thought leadership, and professional development opportunities designed by top industry solutions experts.
  • Cultivate meaningful connections for your company during networking and small group learning sessions. 
  • Foster better business results by empowering a diverse workforce.

Drive transformational impact for your organization and empower your women leaders to thrive. This premier development conference is designed to meet your team’s unique goals and needs at a critical moment.


Multiply the impact of WIL by sending a group of women leaders to unlock additional savings! Purchase 5+ tickets to unlock special group pricing for your team of women leaders.

  • Flexible learning options let women leaders attend either in person or virtually. Whichever you pick, gain actionable insights for real workplace impact.
  • Engage in networking with other trailblazers to access the support and expertise you need to turn ideas into action at the organizational level and champion gender equity across your company.
  • Discover expert insights to drive business decisions and foster cultural transformation across your company that lasts far beyond the conference.

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Sessions for all Levels
Sessions for all levels
Tailored content that meets your women leaders where they are in their leadership journey, addressing the issues they’re most likely to face in their current role. All participants start their WIL journey by taking a proprietary 360° Assessment that will help them hone in on the most relevant content to meet their needs.
Synthesize unique takeaways
Synthesize unique takeaways
With sessions across eight strategic topics that are essential for women leaders, everyone on your team can lean into their unique perspectives and areas of expertise. You can regroup after the event, unpack learnings with the other women leaders at your organization, share them teamwide, and update your strategy for 2025. 
Make meaningful connections
Make meaningful connections
Join small group Learning Teams sessions created to connect like-minded attendees who are at a similar level and years of experience. Establish powerful professional relationships with a network of women leaders across several industries that will live on well past the end of the conference.
Data-driven strategies
Data-driven strategies
Uncover what the future means for women leaders by examining the best insights from our 25+ years of data and experience.

Just 10% of Fortune 500 organizations are run by women. The time is now for organizations to empower women leaders to scale the hurdles to advancement and make bold moves toward gender parity.


As a Women in Leadership Partner, you offer your attendees a VIP experience. Plus, feature your brand and organization in new and unique ways.

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Corporate Deligation FAQs

  • Yes. We partner with many organizations each year as they select or nominate women leaders to participate. Teams vary in size, from 5 to 100+, depending on the goals and needs of your organization. We work closely with organizations to customize the event experience for large cohorts of women leaders from the same organization or division, and the feedback is unanimous—women leaders who attend as a member of a large cohort report feeling better connected to their coworkers and more engaged with their teams when they return to the office.
  • There are four ways for women leaders to attend WIL as part of a group: In-Person All-Access, Virtual All-Access, Virtual Keynotes, or Virtual Keynotes PLUS passes. Choose the pass that best fits the unique needs and schedule of your women leaders to maximize your impact. In addition, organizations can choose to extend the experience by sending their women leaders through the Accelerator program, Learning Circles or coaching.
  • Women leaders need support—now, more than ever. Participants can extend their time at the Women in Leadership Institute™ to a full-year engagement, unlocking new leadership development experiences, learning opportunities, and a robust community of engaged women leaders. By choosing to add the Accelerator program, women leaders gain access to additional learning experiences, including independent learning and facilitated community sessions, available at a reduced, bundled price. The Accelerator package is available to individual registrants and to organizations sending cohorts of women leaders to WIL.
  • We invite you to enroll your women in the Women in Leadership Learning Circles, an extended learning journey and community-building experience designed to offer connection, reflection, and application beyond WIL. This program allows you to bring your team of WIL attendees through 3 one-hour long virtual live conversations led by an expert Linkage consultant to share stories of success and leverage their network for support as they work to apply learnings from WIL to their day-to-day leadership roles.  
  • To help refine their goals, attendees can add coaching sessions to the WIL experience, which will take place after the Institute.
  • Consistent, differential investment in the development of women leaders is a journey, which is why we offer comprehensive solutions designed to accelerate women leaders. Our variety of solutions for organizations include the Advancing Women Leaders Academy, which allows for on-site or online learning for an additional cohort of women leaders at your organization, or coaching sessions for individual women leaders. Our coaching options add rigor and focus to the development process and give your leaders an objective counsel to help them successfully navigate the day-to-day challenges of leading.
  • Additionally, Linkage has developed specially designed programs for your on-the-go and geographically dispersed workforce—allowing learning to take place from the comfort of each leader’s desk. These include the Advancing Women Leaders Digital Academy, as well as Advancing Women Leaders Virtual Sessions, and Advancing Women Leaders Essentials—among other programs.