Nicole B. Washington
president and founder
Dr. Nicole Psych, LLC
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Dr. Nicole Washington is a board-certified psychiatrist and Chief Medical Officer of Elocin Psychiatric Services, a practice that focuses on the mental health needs of physicians and other high performers with mental health disorders who are typically not seeking treatment due to stigma or busy schedules. Through her practice, the Amazon best-selling book, From Introspection to Action: The High-Level Professional’s 28 Day Journey to Improving Mental Health, and a recently launched podcast, The C-Suite Confidant, she hopes to break down some of the barriers to receiving treatment that this population faces as well as engage listeners in topics relevant to the busy professional. She is a sought after speaker on a variety of mental health topics and enjoys working with corporate leadership on organizational behavioral health initiatives to create environments that are supportive of the mental well-being of their employees in order to maximize productivity and decrease turnover.