Career Connection Zone

The Career Connection Zone is the place to connect with your peers and HR professionals to help you expand your network, increase your influence and grow your contacts list. The Zone is part interview, part workshop and part engaging conversation. You will have the opportunity to directly connect with local Career Connectors (HR practitioners) whose main objective is to help you prepare to enter the HR field, identify HR areas of interest and expand your future career power. 

In addition to meeting with Career Connectors and connecting with fellow attendees, a prize drawing will be held for those who attend in the Career Connection Zone. 

Come ready to get in the Zone!

Students will have the opportunity to sit down with Career Connectors and connect on the following topics:

  • Resume and interviewing skills
  • Starting a Career in HR
  • Post undergraduate/graduate school professional development opportunities
  • The realities of the day-to-day responsibilities of an HR professional
  • Career Connectors work in areas such as:
    • Benefits
    • Compensation
    • Diversity
    • Recruiting
    • Health and Safety
    • Wellness
    • International Employee Relations
    • HR Generalist
    • Staffing Management
    • Talent Management
    • Organizational Development

Get Connected

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Networking Tips

Students will also have the opportunity to connect with:

  • Students from other university HR programs with similar interests
  • Advisors from other university HR programs
  • SHRM staff with years of experience in HR or in supporting the HR profession


  • Check out the Career Connectors that will be attending the East, Central and West events – Coming soon!
  • Be sure to update your resume and bring multiple copies for the Career Connectors to review so they can provide suggestions.
  • Don’t forget to update your profiles for online networking! Students are encouraged to exchange contact information to stay connected on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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Connect Online


Start building your network now!

You can connect with other students online before the conference to maximize your networking experience once you arrive. At the events, attendees will be encouraged to exchange contact information to stay connected on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and SHRM Connect. Using the hashtag #SHRMStudent, you can post about the experiences you have through pictures and/or words. All three of the Summits will have a presence in online communities. Even though you will attend only one in person, you will feel like you are there for all of them by following #SHRMStudent.