Keynote/Session Speakers

Central Student Summit

Session: In The Pursuit Of Excellence!
Journey on a mission to the moon and back on this fast-paced exploration in the pursuit of excellence. Exposing participants to the excellence formula [A+B+C]*D=E which is the key to unlocking and allow them to realize the objectives of this mission. A strategy to Empower your People, Engage with Purpose and Execute with Precision to achieve professional excellence. 

West Student Summit

Session: Authentic Networking
How many times do you say to yourself that you need to expand your horizons and meet more people? That your circle of influence needs to be strengthened? Your ongoing HR career development requires you to network and in today’s marketplace - especially as an emerging HR professional. But networking requires planning. An approach that is strategic and measurable; that you can learn from each time you introduce yourself to a new crowd or reacquaint yourself with an old one. If you are strategic and view networking through an opportunity lens, it can serve as a powerful professional development experience and way to build stronger relationships.
We’ll explore ways to grow your network – never be at a loss again at what to say or do at a networking event. You’ll leave with tools and tips to immediately apply. We’ll have an engaging, interactive session together.
1. Explore best practices in networking authentically – in a way that works for you.
2. Discover actionable ways to grow your personal and professional circle of influence.
3. Create a customized plan for future networking and relationship building within and outside of the HR community.

East Student Summit

Session: Building Your Legacy Starts Now
What You Get: We all want careers that matter; careers that somehow make things better.  Let’s be honest, if you’re going to be somewhere for 40+ hours every week – you want it to count, right?!  But you are just stepping into your HR career, so how? 
Building Your Legacy Starts Now explores the unique value you bring to the workplace and how to use it to find the right employer match, stretch to your full potential, make meaningful connections and leave a trail of “oh wow” behind.  Beyond inspiration, receive concrete strategies and next steps to implement in your personal and professional path immediately.  Bring a pen, settle in and get ready - building your legacy starts now.