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Critical Performance Management Conversations with Executives
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Workplace Application:
While performance management conversations with executives are undeniably different, we can: (a) minimize the risk that emotions will undermine the process; and (b) maximize the potential for the necessary feedback to be delivered in a way that it results in the required improvement . 

Every HR professional eventually will have to facilitate or navigate a critical conversation with an executive about his or her performance.  It’s not as simple as telling the executive where performance has fallen short and what is necessary for improvement.

Anxiety, fear and other emotions often result in the wrong things being said or key points left unsaid.   These missteps and gaps have business and legal implications.

This on-demand program covers 19 of the more salient mistakes that I have gleaned from reviewing critical conversations with executives with specific recommendations for minimizing these risks.  The program provides a road map for how you can make a critical conversation a less difficult one.

Learning Objectives

  • Why critical performance management conversations with executives differ from such conversations with others
  • Common mistakes and gaps in critical performance management conversations with executives
  • How to prepare for and facilitate the delivery of a critical performance management conversation with an executive  
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Jonathan A. Segal, Partner,
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