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About Talent 2025

If you are not continually reimagining your talent strategy to thrive in today’s dynamic landscape, you run the risk of falling behind in a competitive talent acquisition market.

Acquiring new and relevant digital, analytical, and organizational transformation skills needed today and in the near future can drastically affect your company’s efforts to grow or even remain profitable.

Position yourself and your organization for success as you keep up with the most recent emerging trends, identify game-changing developments, and proactively seek out innovative ideas to offer alternative benefits to foster a thriving company culture, maintain a competitive edge and achieve your financial goals.

Session Types

Whether you favor condensed, rapid-fire sessions; you can’t wait to hear from thought leaders on the Main Stage; or are eager to roll up your sleeves for hands-on learning, there are different session formats to fit your learning style.

General Sessions

Led by thought leaders and experts in the talent space, these sessions are sure to leave you feeling energized.

Concurrent Sessions

Presentations packed with original content and tactical advice.

Spotlight Stage Presentations

These rapid-fire sessions spotlight thought leaders, best practices, and emerging ideas in the field to create better workplaces.

HR Strategy & Innovation Theater

These diverse educational opportunities feature cutting-edge demonstrations and educational content that highlight the latest 
developments in HR.


Designed to address the evolving talent management landscape, from new-to-HR to senior leaders, these programs provide key knowledge, leading strategies and innovative solutions through comprehensive, competency-based education.

*Additional registration fees required.


Sessions presented through the lens of a real-world scenario/problem. By identifying its cause and solution, you will have the unique opportunity to critically explore a particular topic or skill.


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