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Virtual Escape Room - Art Heist (LIVE ONLY)
Virtual Monday 03/28/2022 05:30 PM - 06:30 PM   Add to calendar

Participate in this live, fun and interactive virtual escape room as you connect with other virtual attendees from around the country and the globe.

Virtual Escape: Art Heist
You have been locked in an office and framed for an art heist. Complete the three levels and Escape the room before the police arrive. The team that escapes with the most points will be crowned the winners!

Using Zoom breakout rooms, attendees will be divided into teams as they are timed and tasked with unlocking challenges using clues in the room for their ultimate escape! Unlock each challenge using your individual smartphone or tablet. The fastest winning team will be announced at the end and awarded prizes.

How to Prepare

In order to participate, we ask that you are prepared with all the necessary technology and supplies. For the best program experience, you will need 2 separate devices.

Please join Zoom from a computer, laptop or tablet (Device 1) and use your cell phone or a tablet (Device 2) for the app your team will use for the program.

  • Device 1: Laptop or tablet with a camera to join the Zoom meeting
  • Device 2: A charged cell phone or tablet with a stable WiFi connection
    • We will be using the Mobile Adventures app on Device 2. It is free and does not function without a game code, which we will provide.
    • Please be sure to download the Mobile Adventures app to Device 2 before you join the meeting:

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