Younes Bensouda Mourri
Founder/CEO of LiveTech.AI
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Younes Bensouda Mourri is the Founder/CEO of LiveTech.AI. He completed his BS and MS at Stanford University in Computer Science, Math, and Statistics, and dropped out from a PhD at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in social robotics to start LiveTech.AI. He is/has been a lecturer of computer science at Stanford University for several years, where he teaches and builds courses like Applied Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Teaching Artificial Intelligence with Andrew Ng. Younes also taught and built curriculum online. He built a Natural Language Processing suite of 4 courses which is still new and already has 84,000+ learners. Some of the courses he worked on have been taken by millions of learners, such as a machine learning course and the Deep Learning Specialization; a suite of 5 Deep Learning Courses. He is a top instructor at Coursera with 1,200,000+ learners and one of the first and youngest people to become a lecturer of computer science at Stanford University by the age of 22.