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Nassim Abdi, Ph.D.
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CEO and Co-Founder
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Nassim Abdi, Ph.D. is the CEO and Co-founder of StoryBolt, an innovative corporate inclusion training company sparking empathetic, guided conversations in the workplace with the power of storytelling through film. Nassim is a storyteller and evangelist dedicated to finding the intersection of entertainment and learning in the area of DEI.  She has 12 years of academic experience researching identity and intersectionality as they relate to systems of discrimination or disadvantage. Nassim's vision for StoryBolt was shaped while on the promotional circuit for her starring role in the internationally-acclaimed film Secret Ballot (2001). After seeing how film could change perspectives and facilitate courageous conversations, she and co-founder Babak Shahmansouri coined their novel active learning approach to addressing inclusion issues in the workplace.