H. Art Taylor
Personal Pronouns
President and Chief Executive Officer
BBB Wise Giving Alliance - give.org
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Herman “Art” Taylor is President and Chief Executive officer of the BBB Wise Giving Alliance - give.org  As head of the Alliance, he oversees all aspects of the organization’s work, which includes setting standards for soliciting organizations, evaluating charities in relation to these standards, publishing the Wise Giving Guide, assisting local Better Business Bureau charity review programs, promoting charity accountability and providing a variety of materials on informed giving to individual, institutional and business donors and to government, hosting a weekly podcast, advancing collaboration among charitable organizations, developing giving tools and assisting charities in improving operations, governance and leadership.

Appointed to his position in July 2001, the Wise Giving Alliance Board of Directors selected Mr. Taylor President & CEO for his record of accomplishments in the non-profit arena and his business, professional and volunteer background. 

Since he began in this position, the Alliance has increased the number of reports from 250 to over 1,400 of the nation’s most asked about and nationally soliciting charities. These reports complement more than 10,000 reports on local charities produced by local Better Business Bureaus. In addition, under Mr. Taylor’s lead, the organization introduced the Accredited Charity Seal, a symbol of trustworthiness, used by national and local charities that adhere to the holistic BBB Standards for Charity Accountability.  It is estimated that more than 1 billion impressions of the charity seal exist in the public domain on solicitations, websites and other charity publicity giving donors a clear, concise and accessible means of knowing whether an organization is trustworthy.