Delegate Mark Levine

Virginia House of Delegates

Mark Levine was first elected in 2015 to represent the eastern half of Alexandria and parts of Arlington and Fairfax Counties in the Virginia House of Delegates. Mark first came to the Washington DC region as Legislative Counsel to former Congressman Barney Frank, but he has a long record of passionate advocacy against injustice. For more than two decades, Mark has crafted progressive legislation at the local, state, and federal levels, from leading the early marriage-equality movement to fighting the Supreme Court’s hijacking of the 2000 Election, to defending children and survivors of domestic and sexual violence. As co-founder of the Virginia Transparency Caucus, Mark started and then led the successful bipartisan effort to cause the Virginia General Assembly to livestream and archive all committee and floor proceedings and to record for the public every legislator’s votes either to report or defeat bills. A talk radio host and TV pundit for more than a decade, Mark is currently running for re-election to his third term this November.