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Virtual Brain Break
Learn to Say & Write Chinese Calligraphy (Virtual Only)
In-Person and Virtual Wednesday 11/01/2023 08:45 AM - 09:00 AM   Add to calendar

Brought to you by: 28Muses

Enjoy a virtual-only Brain Break in between the educational sessions for some fun and entertainment.

In China, only 2 arts are considered fine arts - painting and calligraphy - and calligraphy is considered the greater of the two. Early drawings of characters on oracle bones date back over 3,000 years during the Shang Dynasty and modern Chinese characters were codified during the Han Dynasty around 1,800 years ago. The evolution of Chinese Calligraphy from drawings to pictographs to modern characters is a story of innovation and resilience. In this live virtual only Brain Bite,  learn to say and write Chinese characters together and explore how our own identity can keep evolving through embracing change. 

This session is available virtual only.   

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