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Remove the Blindfold
Pacific Jewel C
In-Person Wednesday 10/26/2022 08:30 AM - 09:30 AM   Add to calendar
Competencies: Business (Behavioral), Leadership (Behavioral) | Intended Audience: Beginner (Committing to DEI)
Workplace Application:
We will explore the idea of "blindfolds," how they appear in our lives and amongst our teams, and what we can do to remove our blindfolds to see the world without bias. 

Session seating is first come, first served. Thank you for your cooperation.

Athletes who are blind and compete in the Paralympic games are required to wear a blindfold to ensure there is a level playing field across the board. We all wear blindfolds at some point in life and Lex's thoughts surrounding blindfolds ring loud and clear within his book titled Fly! "We are all trying to pursue greatness. Sometimes high achievement slips away because we focus too much on obstacles and not enough on opportunities. " Not only do blindfolds lead to poor performance both personally and professionally, but they often lead to social and emotional mistreatment of others, unreasoned judgement, prejudice, and an inability to see the world with clarity and truth.

Learning Objectives:

  • A clearer vison for equality and inclusivity, and a greater understanding of how to use this vision to guide everything you do as a leader.
  •  How to identify blindfolds, understand the consequences associated with them, and gain a greater understanding of how to remove blindfolds and break existing biases.
  •  A greater understanding of "Empathetic Eyesight".
  • A renewed spirit inspired to drive personal growth and high performance.
Lex Gillette Photo
Lex Gillette, Blind Paralympic Athlete, World Record Holder for Totally Blind Long Jump & CEO,
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