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REPEATED | Wait, What Did You Say? Improving Workplace Communication by Seeing Beneath the Surface
Wednesday 10/21/2020 02:50 PM - 03:10 PM   Add to calendar
Intended Audience: Novice
Workplace Application:
Gain a deeper understanding of your own worldview and how it may be impacting your interactions and responses to others. 

Have you ever secretly (or not so secretly) wondered how it was possible for someone to have the opinions he or she has? Have you ever been told, to your great surprise, that you offended someone or mishandled an interaction? Human interactions can be complex because so much of what we communicate and hear is beneath the surface. This program focuses on raising your awareness of and appreciation for the hidden factors driving interactions. You will better be able to address the messages you are unhappily receiving and more attuned to the messages you may be inadvertently sending.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize how worldview impacts subtle messages.
  • Identify how worldview creates sensitivities and biases in all of us.
  • Learn about the power of associations.
  • Increase your self-awareness and your ability to dialogue about the messages you receive and send.
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Terrie Glass, President,
Leadership Solutions