General Session
Fireside Chat Program: The Future of Work and the American Electorate
Offsite (Hamilton Live)
Sunday 03/17/2019 06:00 PM - 07:30 PM Add to calendar
2.00 SHRM PDCs

The program for the evening will include a panel of executives from name-brand companies - Gallup, Walmart, Molson Coors, and Univision discussing their consumers and the Future of Work and the American Electorate.  With the political environment percolating into our workplaces and personal relationships, companies are finding themselves increasingly drawn into discussions about political issues—with some consumers demanding that companies take a public stand. Join our inaugural fireside chat featuring executives from iconic American companies in which we examine polling data on the current mood of the American public and consumers --  what motivates them, what influences them and what matters to them most.

You’ll hear:

  1. Issues that are top of mind for the American workforce.
  2. Trends employers are experiencing among their customer base.
  3. Insights into how top brands choose whether and how to align themselves on social issues.

NOTE: This program will be "bookended" by a networking reception before and after the panel, all located in the same space at Hamilton Live. Also, please note the event has limited seating and will require an RSVP, so look for an email regarding special events in early March.

Jessica Herrera-Flanigan Photo
Jessica Herrera-Flanigan, Executive Vice President of Government & Corporate Affairs,
Univision Communications Inc.
Michelle Nettles Photo
Michelle Nettles, Chief People & Diversity Officer,
Molson Coors
Kevin Harper Photo
Kevin Harper, Retired Senior Executive,
Mohamed Younis Photo
Mohamed Younis, Editor-in-Chief,
Ed O'Keefe Photo
Ed O'Keefe, Political Correspondent,
CBS News