DIVERSITY LEADERS EXCHANGE | How to Leverage Emerging Technologies and Trends to Strengthen D&I: A Case Study of Randstad US

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Diversity Leaders Exchange
DIVERSITY LEADERS EXCHANGE | How to Leverage Emerging Technologies and Trends to Strengthen D&I: A Case Study of Randstad US
10/23/2018 02:00 PM - 03:30 PM |
Galleria 4 (Galleria Level)
1.50 SHRM PDCs
| Competencies: Leadership & Navigation, Global & Cultural Effectiveness
| Intended Audience: Senior-Level
Workplace Application:
Learn the trends impacting diversity in the workplace and how you can overcome the challenges to strengthen your workforce in today’s growing, global economy. 

At Randstad US, we make it our business to create impactful and insightful D&I programs and strategies to share with our clients, candidates and employees. In return, our clients see increased ROI and continue to drive their businesses forward by adapting different points of view. A comprehensive D&I strategy helps businesses extend their reach and impact in the talent market, fuel innovation and drive better business outcomes. However, new and emerging technologies and trends are impacting how companies attract, retain and engage a diverse workforce. Join us for this discussion as we share practical recommendations and insights on gender and minority disparities caused by new technologies entering the workplace, such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and automation. Learn to attract a wider pool of candidates, better utilize diverse talent and gain a competitive advantage that can elevate your company’s reputation in a post-digital workplace. This session will be broken into three sections: 1) women and AI/robotics/automation, 2) women and minorities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and 3) minority versus majority. In this session, you will:

  • Gain insight into the effects of robotics and automation on women in the workplace, with advice for creating reskilling and retooling programs to train women to be marketable in the future.
  • Understand the key barriers to entry for women and minorities in STEM (e.g., pay inequity, the disconnect between actual and perceived qualifications) and the importance of creating a strategic diversity plan to effect a culture of change from the top down.
  • Learn about a three-pronged approach―educate, engage and empower―as a guide to examine your current D&I initiatives and how to implement strategic hiring practices for a more diverse workplace.
  • Discover real-world examples of programs employers are developing to help create a diverse workplace (e.g., “returnships” or apprenticeships, unconscious bias training, local partnerships and training programs).
  • Learn why you should review your recruiting strategies to attract a wider range of skilled candidates.
Audra Jenkins Photo
Audra Jenkins, chief diversity and inclusion officer , Randstad US
Lenora Billings-Harris Photo
Lenora Billings-Harris, diversity strategist, Excel Development Systems, Inc.