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Shlomit Yanisky-Ravid, Ph.D.
Fordham Law School
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Professor Shlomit Yanisky-Ravid, PhD, an authority in IP and AI, specializing in the challenges artificial intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies pose to IP laws, participating in leading cases in the U.S. on AI and IP and proposing solutions for interpreting IP laws in the context of AI. 

Within the Copyright Association, Judge Katherine Forrest lauds her as the foremost thinker on AI and copyright. 

She has been a teaching at Fordham Law School since 2012, leading the IP-AI & Blockchain Projects at Fordham Law CLIP, until 2021; a research fellow at Yale Law School’s Information Society Project, since 2011; a board member of Penn State Dickinson Law IP & Innovation; and a at the board of Global IP Alliance, and the founder and the head of Graduate Law School on “Commercial Law, High-Tech, and Technology” at Ono Academic Law School in Israel; and the founder the Shalom Comparative Research Institute, Eliyahu Law and Tech International Center.

She has won awards and scholarships for publications and research on the legal impact of AI and blockchain, including the visionary article “Generating Rembrandt” recognized by Michigan State University.

Honored for her numerous publications on AI and IP, her influence extends to top academic institutions and international bodies like WIPO.

She is part of the project for recognition of the AI system "DABUS" as an inventor in the U.S. Copyright office and the U.S. patent offices led by Prof. Ryan Abbott, and authored the U.S. Supreme Court Brief, supported by distinguished professors, including Lawrence Lessig, Harvard Law.

She recently authored the Amicus Brief for the appeal against the DC court's decision, which seeks to invalidate the copyright of AI-generated artwork. The proceedings are ongoing.