Roy Abdo
Digital Revamp LLC
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Roy is a digital marketing consultant and CEO of Digital Revamp. Digital Revamp is a leading digital marketing and advertising agency that creates digital communication strategy, launches creative websites and social media content campaigns to grow brands or executives presence and connect them with their audience.

Roy advises C-level executives on digital storytelling, online strategy integration, executive personal brand and paid media.

As SHRM’s global digital strategy and growth partner, Digital Revamp has helped establish a cohesive visual brand identity for SHRM and its CEO, Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., across multiple channels. Through monthly collaboration, content creation, and social media engagement with Digital Revamp’s team, SHRM has amplified its online presence to become the leading voice on the future of the workplace with a content reach over 5 Million views annually. 

The latest achievement of SHRM’s partnership with Digital Revamp is the recognition of its CEO among LinkedIn’s “Top Voices for Associations and Advocacy,” alongside figures like Justin Trudeau, Bill Gates, and others. Roy advised the Military Health System (MHS) for the Department of Defense on communication strategies and is also a speaker for the US State Department. Roy also serves as a certified Clifton Strengths and High Performing Team coach.

Prior to Digital Revamp, Roy worked for Gallup consulting. In his work with Gallup, Roy directed various social and digital communications, as well as provided guidance in advertising and brand messaging. Roy led project communication for Gallup clients such as the International Labor Organization and the World Bank Financial Inclusion index.