Phillip Maltin
Raines Feldman, LLP
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Phillip Maltin is a reliably entertaining expert on how to question people, draw information from them and analyze their behavior to uncover the truth.  Business leaders and organizations across North America are putting Phil’s READ System for deception detection to work to gain professional and personal advantage. A perennial Southern California Super Lawyer, a honor only five percent of southern California lawyers receive, Phil combines his noted experience in cross-examining witnesses and influencing juries with his years of evaluating and analyzing scientific studies on body language, facial expression and deception detection techniques to offer fascinating insights that educate professionals on the often overlooked nuances of communication. 

The READ System uses scientifically proven, research-based techniques for successfully identifying subtle behaviors that can be masking unintended or deceitful messages in words and behavior.  Executives use the READ System to draw information and to correctly interpret body language during negotiations, interviews, investigations, and other interpersonal moments.  What’s more, the READ System offers the two most effective techniques for accurately identifying liars.

In additional to defending businesses in employment-related claims (involving, for example, wages, harassment, discrimination, retaliation and misappropriation of trade secrets), Phil helps train prosecutors to develop their trial techniques and civil lawyers to polish their deposition skills through the prestigious Trial Advocacy Project.