Jim Frawley
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Jim Frawley is the Founder and Principal of Bellwether, a company dedicated to helping organizations and executives build resiliency, adapt to change and thrive in rapidly shifting contexts. He is the host of the Bellwether Hub podcast and best-selling author of Adapting in Motion: Finding Your Place in the New Economy, a practical guide to responding to multiple levels of macro change.

Jim works with leaders in a variety of capacities, including Executive Coach, Workshop Facilitator and Business Consultant, on three primary areas of expertise: Strategic Planning, Executive Communications and Change Management. He believes today’s economy requires a new form of executive development; one that teaches how to create a plan, communicate that plan to multiple audiences, and build effective decision-making abilities to be able to adapt while in motion.

He has worked internationally over his twenty-year career, coaching executives and teams, overhauling corporate training programs, creating and implementing complex organizational and cultural re-designs and building business strategy and administrative plans. To date, he has
worked with clients in eight countries and thirty-nine states.

Authentic, sincere and dedicated to building each client's capacity to excel, Jim is a big-time reader, a small-time triathlete and a full-time husband and father.