Christopher CJ Gross
Founder and CEO
Ascension Worldwide
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Christopher “CJ” Gross is a dynamic voice in Cultural Transformation, renowned for his infectious energy, captivating engagement, and thought-provoking insights. With expertise in deciphering the power of culture to drive innovation and success, CJ draws from diverse fields such as sales, non-profit, engineering, and change management. His unique ability to create a safe and inclusive environment for sharing thoughts and experiences sets him apart, leaving audiences with practical strategies and actionable takeaways.

CJ's significant impact as a speaker spans various industries, guiding organizations through the complexities of cultural change. Whether addressing small teams or large conferences, his memorable presence and storytelling resonate with all privileged to hear him speak.

CJ is a TEDx Speaker and founder of Ascension Worldwide, a firm dedicated to Cultural Integration and Transformation training and consulting based in the Washington, D.C. area. CJ has 20-years of experience as an international organizational development consultant specializing in leadership development and Cultural Integration and Transformation. CJ is a certified Social + Emotional Intelligence coach, trainer, Keirsey Temperament professional, and Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Administrator, with additional expertise in organizational mediation. CJ is also an adjunct professor at Saint Bonaventure University in the School of Business.