Concurrent Session
Equitable Earnings: The Role of Pay Transparency in Bridging Gender Gaps
Milano Ballroom 7-8
Tuesday 04/16/2024 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM   Add to calendar

Ensuring pay equity is not just a regulatory requirement – but a strategic imperative for companies. Join our speaker Kelly Voss, Head of Rewards and Career Advisory for Aon, for this compelling session on why organizations need to prioritize pay transparency now for a more equitable tomorrow. Attendees will learn actionable strategies to navigate legal requirements with a roadmap to kickstart your pay transparency program and foster a culture of fairness and inclusion. Lead the change for pay transparency within your organization and unlock the benefits of equity and excellence.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Defining pay equity, pay transparency, and pay fairness
  • Gain an overview of the key regulations on pay transparency across the globe, including the EU Pay Transparency Directive – and how it affects US-based organizations
  • Know the difference between equal pay for equal work v equal value
  • Understand how job architecture builds the foundation for pay transparency
  • Walk away with a Global Pay Transparency Road Map
Kelly  Voss Photo
Kelly Voss, Head of Rewards and Career Advisory,