HR Strategy & Innovation Theater
The Impact of Inclusive Leadership
HR Strategy & Innovation Theater
In-Person Monday 04/15/2024 11:00 AM - 11:20 AM   Add to calendar
Workplace Application:
Identify those in your workforce who have quantifiable leadership potential in an efficient, unbiased and legally defensible manner. 

Increasing representation in leadership roles has been a long-stated goal of many organizations, while studies have shown that doing this can in fact lead to greater profitability and better HR outcomes. However, actually building a diverse leadership pipeline has been easier said than done. Organizations’ efforts have largely been hindered by an over-reliance on records of past performance and a ‘shoulder tapping’ approach to providing critical leadership opportunities, resulting in untapped potential and hidden talent. But what if you could pivot to an evidence-based approach to better identify and develop a diverse pipeline of capable leaders ready to meet tomorrow’s challenges? In this session Dr. Jillian McLellan, vice president and Executive Assessment Practice Leader at APTMetrics, will discuss the critical role leadership assessment can play in realizing the promise of inclusive leadership.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Why does a diverse leadership pipeline matter: financial metrics
  1. How to identify and develop "high potentials"
  1. How to actually implement a successful program: real world examples
Dr. Jillian  McLellan Photo
Dr. Jillian McLellan, Vice President, Executive Assessment,