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Plenary Session
Developing AI Use Cases: Risks, Impacts and Change Management
Multipurpose Rooms (Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus)
Tuesday 03/05/2024 12:40 PM - 01:10 PM   Add to calendar

As interest grows around AI applications for non-profit missions, what should leaders consider when exploring potential use cases? This session will discuss responsible development of AI solutions using the BBB Wise Giving Alliance's AI Assessment Tool as a framework and other proprietary tools.

We'll cover risks non-profits should evaluate including data quality, determining optimization aims, inclusive governance, and avoiding overtrust. Tips will be shared for starting small with high-impact pilots focused on major pain points. Quantifying measures of success through iterative use case expansion can demonstrate value.  

Additionally, best practices for fostering user acceptance and smooth adoption will be highlighted: positioning AI as assisting rather than replacing roles, ensuring transparency, and leaders modeling openness to innovation. Organizational culture shifts may be required alongside technical integration. 

Participants will come away better prepared to strategically develop AI use cases - mitigating risks, maximizing mission impact, and leading change management required to integrate these force-multiplying but also potentially disruptive capabilities.

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H. Art Taylor, President and Chief Executive Officer,
BBB Wise Giving Alliance -
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Tina Beaty, Chief Brand & Marketing Officer,