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Interactive Session
AI Case Study Exercise
Multipurpose Room (Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus)
Wednesday 03/06/2024 11:15 AM - 11:50 AM   Add to calendar

This session, led by SHRM's Nichol Bradford, will provide another opportunity for attendees to roll their sleeves up and connect on their own experiences with enterprise AI. This session aims to foster a candid exchange and offer a platform for attendees to share and learn from one another.

Learning outcomes:

Integration Insights: Share the experiences of those who’ve embraced AI in their operations and explore the impact it's had. If attendees are navigating the initial stages of AI integration (or haven’t embarked at all) we'll discuss blockers and ways to overcome them.

Troubleshooting AI & Strategic Shortcuts: Identify any challenges encountered during AI implementation, from technical issues to shifts in organizational culture.

Voice of the Workforce: Gain perspective on the typical responses and inquiries from employees regarding AI, and discuss communication strategies to facilitate a smoother transition.

Voice of Leadership: Discuss pressures, questions, or hesitancies from upper management (whether it’s CEOs or Presidents for CHRO’s, or board members for CEO’s and CHROs). How can we best navigate and manage expectations and inquiries?

Nichol Bradford Photo
Nichol Bradford, Executive-in-Residence for AI + HI,