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General Session
Whose Job Does AI Automate
Portage Theater (Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus)
Wednesday 03/06/2024 03:00 PM - 03:45 PM   Add to calendar

To automate a task reliably, it’s necessary to understand the solution first... or is it? Does AI free us to create groundbreaking solutions or are such notions mere hype? What does it mean to automate beyond human expression? What are the opportunities and dangers involved? Which jobs is AI designed to automate, and will those careers disappear? How does data fit into the story, and where does AI bias come from? What will businesses of the future be like and what are the biggest threats and opportunities? Uncover the human decisions shaping AI and explore how recognizing the decision-makers behind AI can lead to more ethical and effective applications, ensuring that technology amplifies the best in us.

Cassie Kozyrkov Photo
Cassie Kozyrkov, CEO,
Data Scientific