General Session
Crossroads for Talent, Smart Tech and Learning
Julius Ballroom
Monday 04/15/2024 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM   Add to calendar

Doors open at 7:30 AM for breakfast seating. Your Talent hosts, Lauren and DJ Jeff, will kick off the preshow entertainment at 8:30 AM.

In a rapidly evolving world, pursuing excellence and personal growth has never been more critical in employment. Join Learning & Development Innovator, Elliott Masie, as he delves into the dynamic interplay between individuals within the workforce, the transformative power of intelligent technology, and the ongoing learning journey that spans a lifetime.

Elliott will explore how employees and employers can identify and leverage their unique strengths and abilities, recognizing them as the foundation for career growth and achievement. It emphasizes that everyone’s contribution to the workplace and ongoing development are essential to organizational success.

The role of smart technology is a central theme in this discussion. It highlights how technological advancements, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and digital tools, are shaping how we work, learn, and excel. Smart tech can enhance employees' abilities, streamline work processes, and create new opportunities, provided they know how to harness its potential effectively.

Elliott Masie Photo
Elliott Masie, Learning & Development (L&D) Innovator,
Broadway Producer
Lauren Ansley Photo
Lauren Ansley, Founder and CEO,
Ansley Corporate Entertainment
DJ Jeff Taylor Photo
DJ Jeff Taylor,
Soulful Sounds, Inc.