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Beyond the Hype: Crafting a Magnetic Employer Brand to Power Your Talent Engine
HR Strategy & Innovation Theater
Monday 04/15/2024 11:30 AM - 11:50 AM   Add to calendar

In the dynamic realm of Talent Acquisition, the essence of employer branding transcends far beyond the surface-level allure of vibrant logos and catchy taglines. Join us at the Talent SHRM HR Conference for a transformative session titled "Beyond the Hype: Crafting a Magnetic Employer Brand to Power Your Talent Engine," where we delve into the profound layers of employer branding and its pivotal role in orchestrating your organization's talent engine.

This session is meticulously designed to unveil the strategic blueprint of employer branding, emphasizing its criticality not merely as an aesthetic endeavor but as the cornerstone of your talent acquisition and retention strategy. Discover how an authentic, compelling Employer Value Proposition (EVP) serves as the linchpin in distinguishing your organization in a saturated job market, attracting prospective candidates, and nurturing a culture of high performance and advocacy.

We will navigate through the entire lifecycle of talent engagement - from attracting candidates with a compelling proposition, to the judicious selection of team members, the activation of new hires, and the amplification of team performance, culminating in the transformation of employees into fervent advocates for your brand.

Expect to gain invaluable insights into:

  • Demystifying Employer Branding: Understanding the profound impact of your EVP and how it differentiates your brand in the eyes of potential employees.
  • The Talent Engine: Strategies to attract, adopt, activate, and amplify talent, turning them into brand advocates.
  • Delivering on the Promise: The significance of not just making, but keeping the promises your employer brand conveys, through effective onboarding, training, and culture immersion.
  • Cohesive Content Strategy: How to seamlessly integrate your employer brand across all touchpoints of the employee lifecycle, ensuring consistency and visibility that transcends traditional methods.
  • Prepare to walk away equipped with the knowledge and tools to refine your employer branding strategy, ensuring it is not only seen and heard but felt and lived throughout your organization. Transform your employer brand from a static visual identity into a dynamic talent magnet that fuels your organization's growth and success.
Ryan Kohler, CEO,