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General Session
AI to Amplify Human Potential
Portage Theater (Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus)
Tuesday 03/05/2024 03:00 PM - 03:45 PM   Add to calendar

Personal AI

Hear a visionary CEO's future-thinking perspective on how to apply Personal AI to amplify human potential. This keynote explores actionable ways to tailor AI to enhance individual capabilities, drive innovation and shape the future of work. In this session, you'll get a unique offers a glimpse into the transformative power of Personal AI and its impact on the future workforce.

Learning Objectives:

Visionary Perspectives: Gain visionary insights on the transformative potential of Personal AI, exploring their forward-thinking views on reshaping the landscape of individual capabilities and innovation.

Tailoring AI for Human Enhancement: Understand how Personal AI can be tailored to enhance individual capabilities, offering practical insights into the customization and optimization of AI technologies to amplify human potential.

Innovation and the Future of Work: Explore the intersection of AI and innovation in shaping the future of work, as the speaker shares strategic perspectives on leveraging Personal AI to drive organizational innovation and adaptability in the evolving workforce landscape.

Bethany Bongiorno Photo
Bethany Bongiorno, Co-founder and CEO,