SHRM is excited to announce the next installation of the SHRM Talent Symposium.

Taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, the SHRM Talent Symposium has been designed for recruitment and talent management professionals to give you the tools, resources and solutions you need to evolve your human capital strategies.

Join us October 21 and take advantage of this opportunity to make new connections, network with old friends and expand your list of contacts.

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Keynote Speakers

Ben Casnocha, entrepreneur and author
Friday, October 21 8:15 A.M. – 9:30 A.M. MST

The Alliance: How to Manage Talent in the Networked Age

The employer-employee relationship is broken. Managers face a seemingly impossible dilemma: You can’t afford to offer lifetime employment. But you can’t build a lasting, innovative business when everyone acts like a free agent. The solution: Stop thinking of employees as family or free agents and start thinking of them as allies on a tour of duty. 

Based on his recent New York Times bestselling book with Reid Hoffman, founder/chairman of LinkedIn, in this keynote he will explain how to recruit, manage, and retain the entrepreneurial employees your business needs to succeed in the networked age. You’ll learn:

  • The most important recruiting strategy that innovative companies use to attract their best employees.
  • How to rebuild trust and loyalty with your employees even though you can't guarantee lifetime employment.
  • How to manage employees who seek constant career growth by defining unique “tours of duty.”
  • Why it pays to empower your employees to build their personal brands and expand their professional networks on LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • How to develop an employee value proposition that resonates with millennials.

This is the management and business framework that will help your company generate Silicon Valley-style innovation, delivered by one of the field’s most engaging speakers.

Donna Morris, SHRM-SCP, executive vice president, Customer and Employee Experience, Adobe
Friday, October 21 3:15 P.M. – 4:15 P.M. MST

Death to the Annual Performance Review: Reinventing Performance Management

In a dramatic move four years ago, Adobe moved to a culture of ongoing feedback vs. once-a-year written evaluations and rankings. Since then, the company has grown its employee base by approximately 40%, with stronger employee engagement, while the stock price has more than doubled. In this case study, Morris will share her lessons for how HR leaders can create monumental corporate and cultural change by throwing out old assumptions about performance management. 

Reasons to Attend: 
  • Learn from the Experts. With a combination of industry thought leaders and HR practitioners, you will learn from the best. You will learn real-world solutions you can apply to your own organization’s talent management practices immediately.
  • Networking. Join your talent management and HR peers who are facing similar challenges as you. You’ll walk away with new contacts and an expanded network of peers with whom you can collaborate and share best practices.
  • Stay Current & Competitive. Talent is key to the success of any organization. Learn today’s most innovative practices and solutions.
  • Transform Your Organization. Share what you learn with your entire team. By putting these new solutions into practice you’ll have a strategy in place for hiring, engaging and retaining today’s top talent—a key advantage.
Who Should Attend: 
  • HR managers and generalists who are responsible for recruiting and retaining employees.
  • Recruiters who want to increase their knowledge about recruiting strategies.
  • Talent management professionals who need to develop or sustain comprehensive strategies for their organizations.
  • HR professionals who want to grow their networks and influence in the talent management and HR industry.