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3 Can't-Miss Ideas for HR to Evolve Teams Beyond Drama
By Alex Dorr, MSc

If you are an HR professional in 2020, there is no question you have found yourself in conversations and scenarios over the last few months that you may have never anticipated in your career. The professional landscape has shifted dramatically as businesses have been called to pivot faster than they ever have before to respond to the challenging circumstances that have come our way.

For all of us in Human Resources, we've been called to support in ways we couldn't have expected and been asked to lead our groups courageously into an uncertain future that lies ahead. Good news came... Read More

Don’t Giving Feedback Requires Trust. No Trust, No Feedback.
By Shari Harley, MA, CSP

When I led leadership development training for a large mutual fund company we offered a lot of training focused on helping people have hard conversations. Over time I realized that despite that I’d bought and offered the best training programs I could find, the training wasn’t helping. Managers didn’t give enough feedback, and when they did give feedback, employees were often left confused, wondering what they needed to do differently.

I decided that what was missing was the conversation before the crucial conversation. It wasn’t that managers didn’t know what they wanted to say, but many managers felt they...Read More

Don’t Be an Ally, Be an Accomplice
Real advocacy and comfort rarely go hand in hand

By Willie Jackson

I sometimes introduce myself as a “professional African American” when I travel the country to give ally skills workshops — often while looking out at a sea of white faces. It’s a joke, of course, but the point is serious. I’m using humor to disarm my audience, and to make some difficult and personal topics more accessible.

I recognize that every person walks into the room with a different set of experiences and point of view. Many folks have had uncomfortable and even traumatizing experiences talking about race, gender, sexuality, and other forms of marginalization. And many of the companies I... Read More

Why Include Second Chance Workers in Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives
By Bernadette Jones, SHRM-SCP

The dual impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on people of color, disproportionately impacting minority communities, and the continuing protests over systemic racism has business leaders talking diversity and inclusion more than ever before.  One of the surprising positive consequences of this long-overdue conversation has been the increased spotlight on hiring “second chance workers.”

What are “Second Chance” Workers?

“Second Chance” workers or Fair Chance Hiring, is constructed on the principle that everyone, regardless of their background, should be equally evaluated for a role they are qualified for, including those with criminal histories. Business leaders should include hiring ”Second Chance” workers... Read More

We're in a Crisis - Here are 5 Ways You Can Practice Leadership Today
By Cindy Joseph

It’s Monday, the start of the workweek for many of us. As we get back to our ‘normal’ day-to-day activities, this is a reminder (or maybe a notice for some) that many of us are not ok. Your Black colleagues in particular may be dealing with the weight of the COVID pandemic that has disproportionately impacted the Black community and are likely processing and grieving the continued, senseless killings of Black people at the hands of those who are hired to protect us.

Even if we don’t show or say anything, the magnitude of it all can be overwhelming. I am personally ... Read More

Social Media and Employment in 2020: How the Voices of the internet Impact the Workplace
By Bianca Lager

It feels like 2020 has taught us so many lessons. What rings true for anyone who scrolls through any social media platform at some point during the day, is that the complexity and emotional nature of online communication is more relevant than ever. When social media first entered the mainstream in the early 2000s, about 400 million people in the world had access to the internet. Today, Facebook alone now has over 35% of the world’s population as active monthly users, logging about 2.7 billion users in the second quarter of 2020.  As the pandemic unfolded and the remote workforce... Read More

Why I'll Never Walk Alone
By Shola Richards

Twice a day, I walk my dog Ace around my neighborhood with one, or both, of my girls. I know that doesn’t seem noteworthy, but here’s something that I must admit: 

I would be scared to death to take these walks without my girls and/or my dog. In fact, in the four years living in my house, I have never taken a walk around my neighborhood alone (and probably never will).

Sure, some of you may read that and think that I’m being melodramatic or that I’m “playing the race card” (I still have no clue what that even means), but... Read More

Your Difficult Questions About Race in America, Answered
By Shola Richards

Three days ago, I posted an article titled, Why I'll Never Walk Alone, and I have been blown away by the incredibly kind and heartwarming responses that I have received. This has been a rough week (for, hopefully obvious reasons), but many of your words have strengthened my faith in the goodness of humanity. I cannot thank you enough for that.

After my article was posted, I received a metric ton of messages in the past 72 hours, and unfortunately, I cannot answer all of them. However, there have been some themes that I’ve noticed in some of the questions... Read More