Roman Zelichenko
Co-founder and CEO
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I’m the Founder and CEO of LaborLess, an immigration tech startup that automates LCA compliance for H-1B employers and the law firms that support them. Here’s the story: after graduating from Brooklyn Law School where I founded and the Brooklyn Law Immigration Society, I landed a job practicing US immigration law at a firm in the Washington, DC area. I quickly realized, however, that I was doing more administrative paperwork than interesting and challenging legal analysis, particularly around LCA compliance. That's not why I went to law school, I thought, and I knew that I wasn’t the only one who felt this way. I realized that no one was automating LCA compliance and that there was a gap in the market. So I quit working as a lawyer, worked in tech for a few years, and eventually launched LaborLess, a tech startup that helps H-1B employers and immigration law firms across the US and overseas automate their LCA process.