Mx. Dani Dominguez
Equity & Inclusion Specialist
YES Institute
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Dani leads education, training, and consultation work on gender and orientation and intersecting diversity topics. They are frequently invited, both locally and internationally to present to corporate and non-profit organizations, medical and mental health professionals, law enforcement, and educators. Dani is committed to empowering leaders to drive positive individual and organizational change that fosters belonging and inclusion. As a Non-binary Latinx person, they have had to contend with the exclusion, discrimination, and violence that follows many marginalized communities, along with the internal struggles of being seen as "different". They utilize their background, lived experience, and education, to bring a human aspect to conversations of diversity, equity, inclusion, in a way that inspires and moves people to action. Their continued commitment to this work is that no one ever has to question their self-worth or their sense of belonging, and all people are free to be authentically who they are. Dani continues to grow and expand their reach and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Diversity & Equity in Education, with an emphasis on Human Resource Development.