Denise Graziano
Graziano Associates
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Denise Graziano is a strategic advisor and expert in organizational communication and change. She is a recognized authority, international speaker, best selling author and 3 decade advisor to the C-suite. Denise delivers insights across strategy, employee, customer and investor relationship issues. Over her 35 year career, 30 leading Graziano Associates, she has advised leaders of F100 to mid-market to Private Equity organizations. Throughout her career Denise has been studying what drives and motivates employees, customers and investors. Her experience has enabled her to accurately predict blind spots about team performance that can exponentially affect a company’s bottom line. She is regularly featured in the media and is best selling author of Talent is a Team Sport. She is CEO of Graziano Associates, a boutique consulting firm that solves today's talent, management and communication challenges.