David Nose
Global Mobility Manager
Procore Technologies, Inc.
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David has been in the mobility space for over 10+ years supporting and managing relocation, immigration, tax compliance/support for global mobile employees who are increasingly becoming global nomads.  From global firms with highly sophisticated programs (General Electric, Alstom, GlaxoSmithKline) to small/medium sized growth businesses (Deckers Outdoors, Procore) looking to open/expand their international presence, it has been a non-stop and fascinating journey.  We are now pivoting from having just traditional expatriate/global assignments to adding more short-term assignments, rotations, Local Plus, and remote work arrangements.  I constantly learn from other mobility professionals (corporate and mobility service partners) on approaches and best practices.  There is no one way of doing things.  It is about how we address or solve an issue based on our company’s culture, practices, cost, and level of risk.  Having a sense of humor is a must in this role!  I’m also a third generation lemon farmer.  When life gives you lemons, enjoy it in a beverage, cocktail, or on grilled items!