Christina Blacken
Founder and Chief Story Strategist
The New Quo
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Christina Blacken is a public speaker, performer, podcast host of Sway them in Color, and founder of TheNewQuo.com -- a leadership development and communication consultancy helping leaders tap into their narrative intelligence to communicate new ideas with deeper connection and influence to achieve inclusive, status quo breaking goals. Narrative intelligence is understanding how story drives belief, behavior, memory, learning, and individual actions. Her mission is to bring more inclusion into business leadership through raising narrative intelligence and disrupting the affinity bias seen in traditional leadership while improving the visibility of underrepresented expertise through story driven branding. She’s taught 445 business leaders narrative intelligence on culture change and unconscious bias through her workshops, and she provides story-driven branding services to empower and brand the expertise of purpose driven founders through public talking development and content marketing. The New Quo has been featured in Elle.com, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Huffington Post, Forbes, Business Insider, and Thrive.com among other outlets. As an Utah native & NYC resident for 10 years, she knows more uses for jello than she’d like to admit.