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How to Win the War for Talent: Listen Differently
Smart Stage: Coral 5
In-Person Monday 10/24/2022 01:30 PM - 01:50 PM   Add to calendar
Workplace Application:
Learn how to effectively engage with your talent and build an inclusive workplace culture.  

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Employees want to be engaged and feel heard on a regular basis. Forty-seven percent of employee turnover is due to corporate culture. Yet, many companies grapple with how to effectively engage with their talent in order to implement policies that lead to an inclusive workplace culture. Focus groups do not create safe spaces for honest, authentic feedback. Many believe that employee engagement surveys aren’t truly anonymous. Seramount’s Assess360 solution gets to the heart of these matters by utilizing an innovative technology called Employee Voice Sessions (EVS). These anonymous listening sessions capture unparalleled and unfiltered insight into the experiences and perceptions of your workforce to identify levers for building a culture of trust and transparency. EVS technology captures rich qualitative stories that breathe life into the numbers and put heart behind the metrics. Join Dr. Laura Sherbin, head of consulting for Seramount, and go beyond traditional assessment techniques to proactively learn from employees what they need to thrive and address talent issues before they ever arise.

Learning Objectives:

  • An understanding of the why the employee experience is critical to shaping an inclusive workplace culture.
  • Why employee engagement surveys and focus groups don’t work.
  • The missing link between diversity, equity, and inclusion programs and their success.

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Laura Sherbin, Managing Director, Consulting,