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Smart Stage
Aligning Recruitment Technology with Your Inclusive Hiring Initiatives
Smart Stage: Coral 5
In-Person Tuesday 10/25/2022 02:30 PM - 02:50 PM   Add to calendar
Workplace Application:
Attendees will learn how to make themselves more desirable to diverse candidates with hiring technology catered to their unique needs.  

Session seating is first come, first served. Thank you for your cooperation.

As anyone in the talent acquisition world can attest, hiring comes with its own exclusive set of demands and challenges. At the moment, employers are sourcing from shrunken talent pools and working with restricted budgets, all while looking to add the unmatched strengths, views, and experiences that only a diverse workforce can bring to the table.

Many organizations seek to curate strategies that simplify the process, streamline efforts, and meet their specific needs through the use of innovative technology. In this smart-talk session, you will see how multiple SaaS products developed to attract diverse populations like veterans, military spouses, and individuals with disabilities are put to use by some of the world's most recognizable employers and how these tools can amplify your recruitment efforts.

Learning Objectives:

  • How their organization can put their hiring technology to good use to meet DE&I hiring initiatives.
  • Learn what SaaS products & technology is available to reach protected populations.
  • Hear how other employers have benefitted from using these tools.

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