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Concurrent Session, Student Program
Disability Bias Is Baked Into Our Culture, But You Can Be a Champion for Change
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In-Person and Virtual Monday 10/24/2022 03:30 PM - 04:30 PM   Add to calendar
Competencies: Business (Behavioral), Leadership (Behavioral), People (Technical) | Intended Audience: Beginner (Committing to I&D), Intermediate (Fostering DEI)
Workplace Application:
Participants will gain an awareness of where they might be unknowingly reinforcing disability bias. 

Session seating is first come, first served. Thank you for your cooperation.

According to the bureau of labor statistics, the rate of unemployment for people with disabilities is 1/3 of the general population. (

What is it that accounts for these large discrepancies? Certainly the differences have wide ranging origins, however negative disability bias is widely prevalent in our culture and is commonly reinforced through the media, the way we speak about disability, and the low expectations which are often placed on individuals with disabilities. In this presentation, Tricia Downing and Erik Kondo will talk about some of the "hidden" parts of our ingrained culture that feeds the myth that individuals with disabilities are low achieving, demonstrate low competence, and are generally unqualified for professional positions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Build awareness of the existence of negative disability bias in society and themselves.
  • Assess how this bias might be affecting their hiring/employment practices.
  • Develop tangible actions they can take to mitigate this bias.
Tricia Downing Photo
Tricia Downing, Disability Inclusion Advocate,
Redefining Able
Erik Kondo Photo
Erik Kondo, Disability Inclusion Advocate,
Red Pill Innovations