Be the Ally! Considerations for Creating an Inclusive Workplace

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Be the Ally! Considerations for Creating an Inclusive Workplace
10/19/2020 01:20 PM - 01:40 PM |
Track: Workplace Culture & Communication

| Intended Audience: Novice
Workplace Application:
Leave with tangible tools for creating an inclusive workplace, where every employee is involved in sustaining a positive culture. 

Everyone in your organization is responsible for exemplifying and reinforcing positive, civil behavior. This means entry-level employees, all the way up to C-suite executives, play a role in creating an inclusive work environment and culture. In order to do so, they must become aware of their own personal communication style and how it affects those around them, as well as have actionable tools for addressing non-inclusive behavior when they witness it.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify and reflect on the various roles that allies play (e.g., advocate vs. sponsor) at work.
  • Recognize power dynamics that emerge as they communicate with each other and consider how they may be pushing their communication style on others.
  • Combat microaggressions using tried-and-true intervention methods including asking questions, relying on basic human values, and acknowledging organizational core values, etc.
  • Facilitate and participate in inclusive meetings by creating a code of conduct, starting every meeting with it, and ensuring all measures are taken to ensure inclusivity (accommodating disabilities, diverse speakers, etc.). 
  • Identify resources for educating themselves on inclusive behaviors.
Catherine Mattice, SHRM-SCP Photo
Catherine Mattice, SHRM-SCP, President, Civility Partners