Convince Your Boss

No matter how excited you may be to attend INCLUSION 2020 you may find that before you can click that REGISTER button, you still have to convince your boss to let you attend. 


Step 1: Review the program

Determine which sessions you want to attend and justify this selection to your boss. Select the ones that are most beneficial to your organization's strategy. 

Step 2: Show how you can minimize costs

Let your boss know you've figured out a way to make it as cost-effective as possible! Register early before rates increase and book your hotel room through the official SHRM Housing Block. Remember to let your boss know that you'll take advantage of coffee breaks, receptions and exposition hall lunches to help minimize the costs of dining out.

Step 3: Complete the request letter

Sometimes your boss will need it in writing, or just prefers to receive your request in an email. Don't worry - we've got you covered there too. Use our handy Letter Template to list your reasons for wanting to attend and submit it to your supervisor. Or use it as a guide for talking points. You can customize it however you want, but this will give you a great starting point for organizing your thoughts and help be sure you're making the best case for INCLUSION 2020!

Step 4: Bring it all home

The learning you get during INCLUSION 2020 will be phenomenal (and energizing). Let your boss know you will commit to a post-conference briefing for staff, where you’ll highlight what you’ve learned from the conference. Tie your learnings to your organization's strategy- it's important to show your boss that the conference won’t be just be theory but will give you real-world, actionable solutions you can implement for your organization.