Why Attendees Chose Inclusion 2020

More than a traditional conference, INCLUSION 2020 was a catalyst for positive change, empowering and energizing attendees to create a world of work that truly works for all.

INCLUSION 2020 was a can't-miss virtual experience, where attendees gained the strategies and insights needed to face their own biases, address inequalities, and shift exclusive workplace habits. These practices boosted employee satisfaction and bottom-line business results.

Attendees left knowing that it's on ALL of us—employees and employers—to lead with confidence and compassion.

DE&I Professionals

Traditions Were Challenged

INCLUSION 2020 attendees stepped out of their comfort zone and learned to create a globally inclusive and culturally competent workforce for today's modern workplace.

Networks Were Energized

Attendees connected with 1,200 industry leaders who, like them, were direct drivers of a balanced, equal and diverse workforce.

Futures Were Informed

The most pressing DE&I topics were deep dived into for attendees to face biases, expand their narrative and gain the tools they needed to create lasting change in the workplace.

Bottom Lines Were Boosted

Attendees met with leading providers at the INCLUSION Marketplace for cutting-edge solutions to help them achieve their business goals.