Too often, employers focus more on diversity than they do on inclusion only to lose time, money and talented people in the end. Getting workplace diversity right is not enough; you must SHIFT to a culture that fosters inclusion. 
Inclusion 2019 will help you connect the dots and bridge the gap between a diverse workforce and one that is inclusive. Attendees will gain strategies and insights needed to mitigate bias, shift exclusive workplace habits, transform workplace culture and create better, more productive workplace environments. These practices will boost both employee satisfaction and bottom line business results.  
Whether you’re well established or just beginning an inclusion and diversity initiative, you’ll find solutions and best practices to help you succeed. Attend to learn how you can build and maintain a diverse workforce that thrives together in a truly inclusive environment, where each individual is empowered to reach their highest potential. 

Fresh perspectives:
As a person who works on inclusion and diversity initiatives, you already know the value that new ideas and alternative points of view can bring to an organization. At this conference, you’ll step out of your comfort zone and hear from experts on how you can improve your strategy and work toward shifting the culture of your workplace, for the better.

Comprehensive learning:
We’ll cover everything from the basics of inclusion and diversity to what’s next for those who are leading the way in the field. You’ll be able to customize your learning experience based on what’s most important for your organization right now.

Meaningful connections:
The nature of the mission of inclusion and diversity brings together naturally some of the most thoughtful individuals in the working world. Here, the people are passionate, and the connections are authentic. We can’t fully explain it, but you’ll feel it when you’re here.

Endless solutions:
This event offers a one-stop-shop in the Exposition, where you can meet with solutions providers who are leading the way in the field.