5 Reasons WHY AttendEES LOVED GMIS 2020

GMIS 2020 attendees built a community by connecting with hundreds of practitioners from a wide range of industries including legal experts, government officials and more during their virtual experience! GMIS 2020 offered both structured meetups and more informal conversations for plenty of energizing networking opportunities that helped attendees make lasting connections.
GMIS 2020 attendees got a leg up on the competition. With programming designed for all levels, attendees gained the insights and insider tips they needed to build or enhance their organization's global mobility and immigration strategies.
GMIS 2020 helped attendees to stay compliant in this ever-changing environment. Attendees heard directly from the foremost experts on the latest immigration-related legislation and regulatory actions. They received the latest in best practices and filled their toolbox with the vital resources needed to not only stay compliant, but to also actively mitigate global compliance risks.
GMIS 2020 attendees are making a difference. Through learning how to work together with government agency officials and congressional representatives to truly improve the system at GMIS 2020, attendees can advocate for sensible immigration policies and increase access to global talent.
Attendees found innovative solutions to their challenges at GMIS 2020. From cutting-edge products and services to technology advancements, GMIS 2020 showcased partners that helped attendees to navigate the intricacies of the system and compete for top talent with organizations around the world.