LBTQ+ Leaders and the Intersections of Identity in the Workplace

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Panel Discussion
LBTQ+ Leaders and the Intersections of Identity in the Workplace
10/19/2020 02:30 PM - 03:30 PM |
Track: Inclusive Hiring & Employee Well-being

| Intended Audience: All Levels
Workplace Application:
This session delivers insight and impact that enables audiences to more clearly understand how organizations can continue to strengthen culture through true inclusion of LBTQ+ talent. 

What are the unique challenges of having multiple marginalized identities in the workplace? What do organizations need to do to build more welcoming environments for queer women?  In this session, with a specific lens on the experience and gifts of the LBTQ+ community, Jennifer – a member of the LBTQ+ community herself – delivers insight and impact, and facilitates authentic story-telling and panel conversation, to help audiences more clearly understand how organizations should continue to strengthen culture through true inclusion of LBTQ+ talent. 

Panelists share their individual stories of intersectional identity and explore the relative impact of experience with psychological safety on their ability to bring their full selves to work. What have their journeys been like, and how have their views about their identities, and the way those identities are received by others in the organization, changed through the years? What power lies in being authentic about intersectionality, and which identities feel more difficult to navigate, depending on the situation and the workplace culture? How can we increase the level of comfort with and awareness of the invisible aspects of our identity, and build cultures of belonging where all kinds of talent can thrive?

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding key career success factors and developing strategies for building leadership presence, influence and effectiveness
  • Understanding the specific challenges faced by LGBT leaders and developing strategies for overcoming these challenges
  • Applying insights from individual assessments to enhance and maximize career and leadership development
  • Developing and honing leadership presence with emphasis on communicating vision, leadership brand, and influencing and motivating others
  • Creating individual vision and strategy plans that will be actionable, measurable and socialized with leadership, teams and peers
  • Understanding how to create an effective networking and relationship building map in order to influence and gain visibility throughout the organization
Jennifer Brown (she/her/hers) Photo
Jennifer Brown (she/her/hers), Founder and CEO, Jennifer Brown Consulting
Gearah Goldstein (she/her/hers) Photo
Gearah Goldstein (she/her/hers), Founder, The GenderCool Project
Mx. Dani Dominguez (they/them/theirs) Photo
Mx. Dani Dominguez (they/them/theirs), Equity & Inclusion Specialist, YES Institute
Stephanie Turner (she/her/hers) Photo
Stephanie Turner (she/her/hers), Vice President, Inclusion, Diversity, and Social Innovation, MITRE