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Disability Inclusion: Think Innovation NOT Compliance!
Wednesday 10/21/2020 03:10 PM - 03:30 PM   Add to calendar
Intended Audience: All Levels

It has been 30 years since the passage of the ADA. But even after achieving this milestone, many disability employment efforts are still stuck on compliance. Disability inclusion is not about the ADA. It is about innovation! This session will discuss the most recent innovations in disability inclusion, trends in disability employment, and the Top 5 things every company should be doing to expand their thinking in disability inclusion and what it means to be Disability Competitive.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the difference between a disability program that is compliance-based and one that is focused on employee and customer innovation
  • Understand common pitfalls and bottlenecks that keep companies from being innovative on the topic of disability
  • Learn the 5 key initiatives companies utilize to create successful disability inclusion programs
  • Review a case study of a company getting it right
Meg O'Connell Photo
Meg O'Connell, CEO & President,
Global Disability Inclusion