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Flying Under the Radar: Good for Tactics, Bad for Business
Monday 10/19/2020 01:20 PM - 01:40 PM   Add to calendar
Intended Audience: Novice
Workplace Application:
Foster an environment of trust that allows the workplace to keep an upward trajectory toward unlimited potential. 

Certain missions require aviators to “hug the ground” as we fly our fighter jets to a target. We call this “flying under the radar.” It keeps us safe and allows us to complete our mission while avoiding or delaying contact with the enemy. In the civilian world, we often feel like we need to fly under the radar in order to blend in ... so we can be part of the team and not seem different. While this tactic might keep a person feeling safe, it prevents the person from reaching his or her full potential. Which, in turn, has a ripple effect on the company, not just keeping employees from reaching their potential but also stunting the growth and prosperity of the company as a whole.

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Vanessa Mahan, Founder/Owner,
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