The No-Collar Workforce of the Future Is Here: A Guide for Humans and Machines

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The No-Collar Workforce of the Future Is Here: A Guide for Humans and Machines
10/29/2019 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM |
Salon ABC (Third Floor)
1.50 SHRM PDCs
| Intended Audience: Intermediate (Fostering I&D)
Workplace Application:
Learn how to avoid the moral hazard of the digital age by obtaining tangible things to implement immediately, the important questions you should be asking of your organization and the tools to answer them. 

By 2023, the average person will have more conversations with a chatbot than  with his or her own spouse. Even as more elements of the world are transitioning into the digital sphere, the pace of digitization continues to astonish us. With 50 billion objects projected to be connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) by 2020, we are still well short of fully comprehending the scale of the digital shift.

Digitization and the IoT is now causing value to shift to different kinds of work: from labor to talent, and from information to insight. Bradley will address the fundamental nature of this shift and how to manage it. Both the challenge and the value come from asking the right questions. In this session, Bradley will draw on his top three questions that you should be asking in order to leverage the advantages of the digital era in attracting, building and benefitting from the no-collar workforce of the future. He will discuss the new laws of digital disruption and their workforce implications, focusing on:

  • How to eliminate bias in artificial intelligence.
  • The advantage of access to talent pools rather than hiring practices.
  • An emphasis on inclusive practices rather than diversity.

In a world of infinite technological expansion, AI and machine learning should enhance the human spirit, not replace it. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the three most impactful questions you should be asking about the workforce of the future—a workforce that will be dominated by three types of workers. 
  • Learn the economic impact of the future workforce and explore ways to tap into the new pool of talent. This includes the role of AI in building high-performance teams and the elimination of bias in AI. 
  • Understand how inclusive practices are not just the right thing to do but the profitable thing to do and the key to unlocking value.
Joseph M. Bradley Photo
Joseph M. Bradley, global vice president CX - Incubation Services & Technology, Cisco