Game On: Leveraging Game-Based Learning to Accelerate Inclusive Behaviors

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Game On: Leveraging Game-Based Learning to Accelerate Inclusive Behaviors
10/29/2019 02:00 PM - 03:30 PM |
Salon FGH (Third Floor)
1.50 SHRM PDCs
| Competencies: Ethical Practice, Global & Cultural Effectiveness, Relationship Management
| Intended Audience: Intermediate (Fostering I&D)
Workplace Application:
Borrow from gamification to define the “rules of the game,” and then use these healthy boundaries as a roadmap to establish trust and demonstrate inclusive behaviors. 

At the forefront of diversity & inclusion development is the understanding that organizations must move from theory into ACTION. Put simply, it's time to move from  “good to know” toward “good to do.” Game On's proprietary approach harnesses the power of gamification to create immersive, inclusion-building training experiences. From professional sports teams, to Fortune 100 executives, to Special Ops commanders, to Capitol Hill stakeholders, D&I visionaries recognize that while talking helps, actions matter more.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how social behaviors and social norms are invaluable to creating an inclusive workplace climate but are difficult to define within employee contracts and core values statements.
  • Explore how establishing a “rules of the game” framework with clear, universally acceptable principles like “laugh with, not at” and “have each other’s backs” can create a baseline for mutual respect, civility, and including others.  Recognize the value of interactivity, role-playing, and improvisation as cutting-edge techniques to model what “good” looks and sounds like.
  • Learn how laughter is an underrated force in driving workplace culture and how promoting overall joy and creativity can simultaneously strengthen the value of diverse perspectives and voices within your organization.
  • Gain perspective and insight from real-world examples across military, corporate, professional sports, and federal government organizations that have applied game theory and game-based learning principles in their diversity & inclusion development efforts.
Blair Bloomston Photo
Blair Bloomston, partner, VP of development, Game On Nation