Legal and Effective Reference Checking, Credential and Education Verification

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Concurrent Session
Legal and Effective Reference Checking, Credential and Education Verification
Track: Recruitment & Talent Acquisition

| Competencies: Business Acumen, Critical Evaluation, HR Expertise
| Intended Audience: ,
Workplace Application:
Learn how to effectively verify a potential employee’s hiring materials and obtain tools to spot phony credentials and fake degrees. 

In order to ensure a good hire, verifying past employment, credentials, and education and obtaining references have become critical. Unfortunately, falsified or inflated credentials have become a significant problem for employers. Legal limitations also create barriers for human resources professionals when obtaining and giving past employment information. Through case studies, role playing exercises, hypotheticals and internet demonstrations, this interactive workshop will focus on legal and effective techniques for the reference checking process and how to verify education and spot phony credentials and worthless degree mills.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn effective and legal strategies to verify an applicant's past employment and education accomplishments.
  • Explore why employment references create legal issues for employers and strategies for obtaining information and dealing with requests from other employers.
  • Learn why phony education credentials are problematic and how to spot degree mills.
  • Review new technologies and approaches to credentials verifications.
  • Understand special issues when it comes to social media sites and international employment and education verification.
Lester S. Rosen Photo
Lester S. Rosen, Attorney at Law and CEO, Employment Screening Resources